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As archeological findings show, in Aistian (Balts and Sarmats) territories from the Black Sea to the Finish Gulf and from the Ural mountains to Germany for at least 6 thousand years amber that was found on the seashores of the Baltic Sea (previously called Sarmatian Sea) was used in healing practices. The Baltic ancestors drank amber-infused water, used ground amber powder alone or mixed with herbs. Amber was used for massage and for healing amber necklaces was worn. But the most important purpose of amber was amulets that protected from bad influences and other unfortunate impacts.

Since the ancient times the healing qualities of amber were known by the Ancient Egyptian oracles, Ancient Indian prophets and Ancient Greek asclepiads, because they established that amber cleans and charges the energetic human field, the meridians and chakras.

Amber has a wide color spectrum. It was noticed that the amber colors themselves give it greater effect diversity.

White amber adds inner stability while keeping lightness and helps to gain society’s favors. It calms down and teaches that everything comes when working calmly and purposefully. It’s especially suited for those who try to keep to traditions in the family or even work for the benefits of the government. It works well on the brain, nerve and endocrine systems, lymph and heart. It’s an amulet of a person with a noble soul.

White amber is suited for the first decade Taurus’s, Libras and second decade Capricorns and those that have their ascedent there or are attributed to the Moon.

Yellow amber helps to find the middle ground, rest, calms down grievances. It’s especially valuable for those who have communication problems or their work is associated with communication. It’s one of the best healing stones. It can be used for various purposes. Has a great effect on respiratory system, lungs, endocrine system, skin, ears, eyes, etc.

It’s suitable for all signs of the Zodiac, but especially for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Aquarius as well as for those that have their ascedent there or are attributed to the Moon.

Red amber stimulates temperate activeness, belief in oneself and attract needed situations for the objectives on hand. It aids well in the actions of love. This amber helps socially active people who wish to realize their wishes and plans. Suits the healing of male genital organ diseases or relief of disorders.

Red amber suits all Fire signs or for those that have their ascendent there or the Moon as well as for the first decade Scorpios.

Blue amber stimulates a wider understanding and helps to accept another’s position without transmitting own one. It helps to make the mind into wisdom. It’s useful for all that are inclined to philosophy and search for spirituality. It helps to avoid fanatism, but to have own position and be able to support it if needed. It suits writers, art directors, composers and singers that get their inspirations from the spiritual treasures of own culture, as well as for philosophers, outstanding teachers and academics. It also works well on the respiratory system.

It suit third decade Arieses, third decade Taurus’s, Cancers, second decade Leos, Sagittarius, Capricorns, first decade Aquarius’s, Pisces, as well as those having their ascendant there or the Moon.

Green amber stimulates love for nature and helps to cognize the flora world. That’s why since the ancient times amber is the amulet of herbalists and oracles. It’s also helpful to those afraid or reluctant to communicate with people because they think of themselves as unworthy, so they communicate with nature instead. It helps the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Green amber suits second decade Taurus’s, Gemini, Cancers, third decade Libras, third decade Capricorns, second decade Aquarius’s as well as those having their ascendant there or the Moon

Brown amber helps to ease anger, aggression, dissatisfaction, envy, revenge and angry grievances. It suits those that don’t know where to put their energy or conversely keep the energy locked inside and because of that their emotion scale goes up and down quickly. Cleans the segregation system, calms urinary track inflammation. Very well suited for putting on the II chakra on the back, especially if tension or pain is felt there.

Brown amber is useful for first decade Arieses, angrily reproachful Virgos, Scorpios, very stubborn Capricorns, eccentric Aquarius’s or Pisces that don’t feel the earth underneath them or are very dominating, also for those that have their ascendant there or a damaged Moon.

Black amber is suited for those that need introversion and concentration towards particular goals. It’s useful for the spine (gently massaging going from bottom of the spine upwards and concentrating on the spots that hurt or other feelings are felt, then amber is stopped there and some pressure is put on it). Feet can also be massaged with it.

Suitable for Scorpios and Capricorns, as well as those having their ascendant there or the Moon.

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