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Archeologists have established that amber was used since Paleolithic times. During the Stone Age it was used as money in some countries. Unsophisticated necklaces and bracelets were passed through generations as a great valuable.

From the Baltic shores this northern gold traveled to the Roman Empire, the Near East, the far-away China and Japan where extraordinary qualities of sukcinite (amber) were admired by local doctors. Since ancient times amber was attributed with healing powers. Even in antique times amber and especially amber acid were used in pharmacology.

Amber was used to treat ear, eye, stomach and dental pains as well as used for the treatment of rheumatism. Today amber is used when treating urinary bladder, stomach diseases and bronchitis.

Because amber emits a pleasant smell our ancestors used it for fragrant mix making.

Now when cosmetology and especially medicine slowly but steadily returns to ecologically clean organic materials that nature provides us with, the popularity of amber and its  components is growing for making medicines, food additives and cosmetic products. In Kaliningrad (Russia), Lodze and Krokuva (Poland) manufacturing lines operate that manufacture healing and cosmetic products and uses amber as one of the components.

Belarusian mineralogist Albert Bogdasarov recommends using unpolished amber necklaces when treating people, especially children, with damaged thyroid gland function who suffered through the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Two thousand years ago amber trade routes stretched through Europe and reached what is currently Italy and Greece.

In ancient Rome you could by one slave for a piece of amber. It was believed that amber protects from throat diseases when carried on the neck and help to keep a clear mind (a famous doctor of those days living in Rome Calistratus wrote that amber powder mixed with honey treat throat, eye, and ear diseases and when mixed with water help ease stomach pains).

The ancient Roman women and their children carried amber necklaces so they won‘t be „looked upon with a bad eye“. To keep younger looks longer they carried amber pieces in their palms.

After the birth of Christ churches started using amber together with other fragrant materials to make incense. The burning amber smell that helps to concentrate cleared out the surroundings not only in churches. Premises with sick people were fumigated with it, too. In such a way the air was disinfected and the possibility to catch various diseases for others decreased as well this helped healing.

During the Middle Ages amber necklaces were worn by those having jaundice as it was believed that „the yellowness of amber will withdraw the sick yellowness out off the body“. Amber bracelets eased joint and muscle pains. Only when this healing method didn‘t work pharmacy was visited.

The pharmacists assured that the finer the amber the better it is absorbed by the body, so it was started to be grained and milled. Amber powder was mixed by the pharmacists into rub-in ointments, also amber powder‘s extracts were made. There are several descriptions that honey, rose oil and amber powder mix was administered to treat thyroid gland diseases. It was also believed that such mixture could even save from plague.

At the Middle Age pharmacies amber extract (Extractum succini) was administered for weak people to strengthen their organism and the immune system, for wound treatment, when amber oil (Oleum succini) was intended for rubbing of painful areas.

Even the famous creator of medicine Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) wrote in his texts about the healing qualities of amber and its application methods. This knowledge was used by scientists until the middle Ages.

Amber was used as medicine and means of protection from various diseases in Ancient Rome. A famous doctor of the time Calistratus wrote that amber protects oneself from madness, when ground and mixed with honey it treat throat, ear and eye diseases, when drunk with water helps with stomach sickness.

A Persian scientist Ibn Sin (Avicena) named amber as medicine from most diseases. At Eastern lands it was believed that amber smoke had the power to strengthen a person‘s will power and gave courage. „Amber syrup“ – a mixture of amber acid and opium – was used in China as a sedative and anti-spastic medicine.


Lithuania –the land of amber. Such a common statement doesn‘t even make us think what lies beneath it and how the dwellers of this land are connected with it. Historic sources that reached us help to answer these questions.

At the oldest times when the first settlements started to grow at the Baltic coast, the shores had much more amber than it has now. Lucid, reminding of the sun, with yellowish tones, emitting heat when hold in hand, lighter than stone material interested people since the old days. They started to think that this material can protect them from the evil spirits.

Probably from this belief the Lithuanian name of amber („gintaras“) came: „gint – aras“ („to protect“-„to safeguard“). So the amulets appeared at the ancient seashore settlements that we find today.

Before the First World War amber bitters were popular in Lithuania that helped from many diseases and strengthened the body. To prepare such tincture pieces of amber were put into dark glass bottle, poured with vodka and kept in warm conditions for several weeks.

A few more advices and tips that survived to this day:

  • Amber necklaces must be worn by nannies to protect them and the children from contagious diseases
  • If you wish to ease the pains of growing teeth for children you should give them an amber necklace to chew on, but, of course, being careful and watching them so the child doesn‘t swallow them and choke
  • If you have ear pains you should etherify it with amber. Amber is burned while letting the smoke to reach the ear and even better – getting inside the ear.
  • Many people believed that an amber rosary helps from „evil spirits and impure thoughts“ during the older days.

The rise in science after the Second World War activated experiments with amber, too. Researchers started to investigate its chemical composition, search for more diverse applications of amber in everyday life. Healing properties of amber are being researched for decades now. It became clear that amber acid which amounts from 3 to 8 % in clear amber is actually a bio-stimulator that activates the human organism. Many studies and experiments were made and great results were achieved when mixing amber acid with vegetal materials extracted from herbs. Slowly such prophylaxis and healing methods are becoming more popular. In any way, you should consult your doctor when using amber medicines.

Usually when feeling just a little sick we resort to medical drugs and only several people use simpler prophylactic or treatment methods that can help our immune system that was trusted and used by our ancestors.

Now Lithuanians are slowly re-finding the useful properties of amber that help to protect yourself and your children, but sadly most of amber is exported.

Comforters made of natural amber are also getting more popular in Lithuania. It is said that they help when teething – it relieves fever, pain and soothes. Such products were used and valued since long time ago – they‘re considered to be better than plastic, wooden or rubber comforters that are substitutes and are offered on the market today.

Another material – amber acid which is of natural origin, it doesn‘t have any toxins in its composition, it doesn‘t accumulate in tissues and is non-addictive. The use of this material for healing child sickness was very successful. Its efficiency was proven to treat asthma, decrease allergic reactions, pneumonia, respiratory tract infections. It is also advised to use amber acid as a profilactive mean from virus diseases. It positively affects cell‘s energy metabolism, increases the organism immunity. The material can be used either for prophylaxis or for healing of a disease.

Lithuanian amber massage

Lithuanian amber bath, where amber is heated and its vapors seeps into the skin

Search for the cause of the disease in cells!

The state of the organism is directly associated with tissue cells – mitochondria. When various pathologic situations occur, the energetic function of the mitochondria decrease dramatically. Researches associated with this phenomenon were done by multiple scientific laboratories in various countries. This scientific research attracted lots of attention recently, because an association between the disorder and the mitochondria DNA damage. The reason for the disorder is because of the damage of the oxidation process. Because of it changes appear in the cells that can‘t be reversed. It became clear that the oxidation and energetic metabolism disorders are connected to the cell information transmission mechanism.

Great number of serious diseases is related to DNA cell mutations. Actually a whole group of the diseases is created and is called mitochondrial. Those are the diseases related to nerve system disorders (neurodegenerative), Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s syndromes and the diseases connected to tissue damage – cardiomyopathy, diabetes, muscular dystrophy.

Amber acid can be used as an anti-oxidant that‘s very effective and effects mitochondria. It is believed that when using amber acid there‘s greater hope when fighting these destructive diseases.

Thus, amber acid – means that has a rejuvenating effect. When using its products a person can properly reach old age and stay oneself instead of constantly fighting diseases and looking for cures.

Amber acid is a natural material from nature that gives a powerful healing effect, doesn‘t have side effects, isn‘t addictive and doesn‘t accumulate in the body. It‘s white, crystal-like powder that tastes somewhat like citrus acid.

Amber acid‘s effects on human organism:

  • improves activity of most organs: brain, heart (improves its nourishment and strengthens), kidneys (melts stones), liver, etc.;
  • protects from tumor formation and starts stopping their growth if you have some;
  • strengthens the immune system, useful when sick with bronchitis, lung inflammation or having allergies;
  • stimulates the production of insulin and thus decreases blood sugar;
  • normalizes the working of nerve system, helps when under stress;
  • slows down the inflammation processes and gynecological diseases for women;
  • neutralizes great amounts of poison (from smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • improves microcirculation in tissues and organs.

Amber acid in cosmetic products adds softness and lightness. When using amber acid the skin becomes soft, even, redness is treated, capillaries and other problem areas. Amber acid evenly covers the skin like light dust and add a slight glow and brightness to your face. It‘s a perfect way to renew your skin!

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