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Return policy

Commodities bought at may be returned within 14 working days.

Before returning a commodity a buyer must inform the seller by e-mail or telephone and indicate the reason for returning it.

The returned commodities must be in set. The buyer is responsible for the complementing and packing of the items. If the commodity is not in set and its packing is not proper, the seller or a representative of his/her does not accept the commodity to be returned.

The commodity must be returned in the same packaging it was delivered in. the packaging must not be damaged. It must be clean, properly prepared and packed.

The buyer returns the commodities by his/her own vehicle, except for the cases the items are returned because of quality.

When the returned commodity is defective, the seller is obliged to accept it and to change it to a parallel one. If the seller does not have it, then he returns the money paid for the goods after receiving it within 10 business days.


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